Scavenging Sound

As part of Dogstar 15 experimental music festival, Ethan Marks and I created a sound scavenger hunt at Millard Falls. More documentation to come.

Read clues here.

SpaceSearch Performance

Below is the documentation to the most recent SpaceSearch performance with Tom Sturm at Coaxial Arts.

Experiment 1 Experiment 2

Soap Ear Issue 6

Click link below to read Erin’s recently published article entitled Composing with Words: Form, Performance, and Meaning.

Link to article. Soap Ear main page.

Project Scream Performance

Here is some documentation from the Project Scream performance at Navel LA from January of this year. This performance included Tim Tsang and Parches who helped with the plastic wrap. Thank you to the Calarts Center for Integrated Media for making this event possible.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

What Is It? Free Pins

If you’re a fan of the What Is It? Can You Tell? project, contact me in the “contact” section with your mailing address to receive a free pin!

Listen here to What Is It?

February wulf. Show

Below are some photos from the wulf. performance at Coaxial Arts on 2.19.19. This piece involved feedback, fan, bottle, parchment, facial brush, foil, cup, and coffee tin.

What Is It?

What Is It? Can You Tell? is a new weekly project of short materials etudes. The first one is up now! Click to listen.

Hackaday Superconference Photos

Below are some photos from the Weird Synth Making workshop at the Hackaday Superconference this past weekend.

Hackaday Superconference

This coming Sunday 11.04.18, I am teaching my Weird Synth Making class at the Hackaday Superconference. This is a similar class to the one I taught at Coaxial Arts in August, and I plan on pitching it to other conferences and venues as well. If you’re around at the Hackaday conference, come say hi! If you’re interested in a lesson plan or materials list, feel free to contact me.

Cat Dreams Digital Release

Today is the digital release of Erin’s solo synth pop record. Below is a link to the 3 track demo. If you like it, please consider purchasing for $7 on Bandcamp, and you will be able to download the entire 12 track album! Or feel free to email Erin in the contact section to purchase another way. Click to listen.

T.E.S.T. Premiere

At Coaxial Arts Foundation with Tom Sturm and Sam Calvetti. T.E.S.T. (Tom Erin Sam Together) combines Tom and Sam’s fiber synths with Erin’s microscope camera piece Microsound. Video

Calarts Staff Show

Two interactive sound pieces were installed for the Calarts staff show. Video 1 Video 2